Mobile application developers in Uganda

With Mobile technology taking center stage in today’s world, organizations are keen on making significant advancements in the mobile space. As mobile technology gives businesses the opportunity to stay connected to customers  almost all the time, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop world to keep attuned to their customer’s needs. OMNI offers mobile application solutions that help organizations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile devices. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological background, we design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data collection and processing. We have established an international reputation for mobile based applications with systems such as M4W (Mobile for Water) with Organizations in the water sector in Uganda.

With our experience in developing mobile based applications, we are more than capable of developing systems for quick data surveys (or data collection), "> monitoring and evaluation

In addition, we provide mobile services that go beyond the fundamental role of voice communication. We provide Value Added SMS-based services (e.g reminders, alerts, campaigns, notifications, e.t.c) to all telecom networks in and outside Uganda.

Best Website developers in Uganda

A strong online presence is an effective medium of displaying your product and services among your target audience. Omni-Tech Ltd delivers creative and professional web design, development and maintenance services to individuals, small businesses as well as large organizations in Uganda and outside. Whether you need a basic 5 page website, an e-commerce solution or a database driven dynamic web application, we have the required expertise & experience to deliver.

We understand that, today websites have become one of the most important marketing & sales tool and that’s why we take care of all aspects of web design for our clients including graphics, programming, photography, and flash animations. Be sure that we will take care of everything related to your website services including website design, re-design or upgrade through our professional website maintenance and active management service using the latest Content management systems based on the latest technologies and industry trends. We design database driven and/or interactive websites depending on the client requirement and not just how it looks but how it works and after web design training giving you the power to manage and update your website regularly.

Our Approach
We always aim to develop a website basing on the client’s requirement, one that satisfies their needs. To achieve such professional work, we follow these steps to ensure you have a precise end-product:
  » Liaise with the contact person at the client side to agree on the content delivery schedule.
  » Develop a coherent content generation plan to be used by the content generators.
  »  Prepare an FTP repository and a mail account were content will be constantly deposited by the contact person for update.
  »  Continually improve the visibility of the portal by increasing Meta data richness.
  »  Continually improve the skin, preferably on a monthly basis or bi-monthly.
  »  Planning, discussion and gaining approval
  »  Website deployment
  »  Website maintenance / Internet Marketing
Software development in Uganda

In the current economic environment, companies, organizations and institutions are seeking ways to reduce costs, improve business processes and add value to their marketing and communications strategies. Development of new software products is vital for accelerating growth of any business. At OMNI-TECH, we help invent new software applications for your business. Our understanding of business processes and our project management skills are combined to deliver quality and efficient products for you. We employ a flexible approach to deliver business solutions that are tailored to your business need(s).

We draw from our vast experience and work with our clients to understand their business processes and requirements to customize technology-based solutions that deliver the required functionality and if needed, with continuous enhancement. We have the capacity and expertise to build platforms and tools that bring together the different component sub-systems into one to ensure holistic efficiency and functionality. We work with our clients to strategize, evaluate, design, develop and implement systems and processes that can best transform business.

OMNI-TECH will avail you with customized software to help you manage your business by leveraging Web, mobile and desktop technologies to meet your needs. We develop Accounting software, Customer Relationship Management software, Logistics and Fleet management, Monitoring and Evaluation software, to mention but a few.

Why choose us

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»  We love what we do

»  We are flexible

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»  Commited to our customers

Other services

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Projects undertaken

  • SNV Uganda

    SNV Netherlands Development Organization in partnership with 8 District Local Governments, UNICEF and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands contracted OMNI-TECH to develop a Database system for Community Empowerment Program (CEP). The system aims at addressing the challenges that information captured is stand-alone which makes it difficult to do a trend analysis on timely basis and information to be different in reporting periods.

    SNV Local Capacity Builders (LCB) uses the  system to collect data   related to Rural water, Community sanitation and Hygiene, Hand Pump Mechanics(HPMS),Access to safe water, Access to sanitary Facilities, Community Food security ,Hygiene, Quality of primary education and School gardens using  the web (online and offline) as well as using mobile phones t. In addition the system generates reports basing on key performance indicators and all collected data is downloadable in Comma Separated Values (CSV) for detailed trend analysis. The full version of a working system was implement on  30th June 2013 in 750 schools gardens and 250 schools in eight districts in Uganda including ; Soroti ,  Nwoya , Nebbi , Arua, Lira ,Kasese Bundibugyo and kyenjojo.

  • Triple-S Uganda

    Programming service delivery indicators for the water sector in Uganda on a mobile phone. Developed graphical and tabular analysis reports for over 50 indicators. Information is collected by enumerators using mobile phones and offline web client and sent to a server accessible via the web.

  • RECO industries

    MDC uses mobile phones to collect information about Outpatient Therapeutic Care from health facilities on a monthly basis. LIS uses the web (offline and online) to collect data related to Producer Organization, Production for Improved Nutrition (PIN) Training and Household Member by field officer

  • Wateraid Uganda

    System bases on Kenga platform  to collect data about Water infrastructure, Sanitation, Institutional sanitation and Hygiene, Construction and Household Survey. The system enables Water Aid to do data collection using the web (online and offline) as well as using mobile phones.


    System sesigned to enable MARPS to collect data regarding issues that affect the community by sending SMS to people in the community. Also provides summary information in relations to key performance indicators, enabling MARPS to have access to raw data.

  • ARK-PEAS Uganda

    Collect data about Students’ Grades and Performance, Student Information , Teacher Information ,Absenteeism and Lesson observation using the web (online and offline) as well mobile phones, generates graphical reports basing on Key performance indicators and collected data is exported to MS Excel for trend analysis

  • Y-SAVE

    Used by Y-Save members to report their monthly deposits on their loans, generating a monthly and yearly reports.

  • UBOS

    The Parish Chiefs uses the system to collect data about  Village by total number of households, Primary Schools by type Govt/ private and enrolment by sex, Secondary Schools by type Government/ private and enrolment by sex, Number of teachers by category and whether qualified or not qualified – to be done separately for primary and secondary, Number of standalone water taps, Number of households connected to the piped water systems, Number of functional boreholes , Number of shallow wells, Number of health facilities by category, Main source of livelihood by community members, Number of households supported by the NAADS program, Number of markets (General, Produce, Livestock),Distance to the nearest tarmac road (Km), Number of SACCOS, Number of Civil Society Organizations (CBOs and NGOs) using mobile phones.

  • M4Water

    Mobile-based systems for monitoring the functionality of water sources in rural areas in Uganda, covering districts of Lira, Arual, Kabarole, Katakwi, Masindi, Kasese & Kyenjojo. Data is collected using mobile phones and analysed by district water officers. See

  • Kabarole Research Center

    System supports early warning and early response,  contains these special features Web client, Form Designer, Mobile client, workflow, SMS, Graphical Reports and GIS Reports.