What can you do with Kenga?

Kenga is especially built to improve the effectiveness, timeliness and accuracy of data collection from resource constrained rural areas and present the results to all stakeholders for further action. The platform provides tools for all stakeholders to manage the data collection process, right from the field staff who can enter the data directly at sources to their supervisors who can review/edit the data as per appropriately assigned roles and permissions. Program staff can view performance data to enable them follow-up on reporting so as to ensure that all data is collected.

The data is captured from anywhere (with or without internet connection), and device (mobile phone of PC) using customized online, offline and mobile data entry tools. Using Kenga, you can get real-time overviews of project performance, or drill down for advanced evaluations using analytical charts, dashboards, and GIS mapping. You can automatically generate progress reports, and disseminate information to stakeholders via purpose-built user accounts online.