Kenga Architecture

It provides the key components of the Kenga platform that includes a mobile application and web-based server and a web client as illustrated in figure 1 below. The mobile application runs the Kenga-Mobi app that is downloadable from Google Play-store. The app in offline mode. The Kenga-Mobi app is configured to contain all the forms that enable data collectors to complete them, whenever they go out to gather data and it is stored on the phone until synchronisation is done when network connection is available.

The Web Server contains a data synchroniser Module, Kenga Server and Database. The Synchroniser Module handles all transaction between the mobile application and server, including updating forms and receiving the data. The database contains all data collected stored in a relational manner using Mysql database management system.

The client application uses a web browser to access the server on a laptop or desktop computer. The system loads a dashboard that displays all the data, question summaries, key performance indicators reports and system configurations.