What we have done

We are proven specialists in delivering a comprehensive range of project monitoring and evaluation services, ICT solutions, product and software development, business support solutions and general consulting.

Our services and products will enable you:
  1.  Develop all kinds of information systems tailored to meet your business needs.
  2. Implement Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks and systems that enable you assess the impact of your programs.
  3. Add the latest technologies like GIS, Mobile-based systems, Social networks, etc. to improve your way of doing business.
  4. Collect data using our Kenga data collection and monitoring tool. This system will enable you collect data fast, accurately and efficiently.
  5. Obtain the requirements for off-the shelf software systems customized to your business need(s).
  6. Enhance communication with clients through our Taarifa SMS-based service.
  7. Provide solutions and services to your customers through Internet (Web) Applications.
  8. Get support for your ICT hardware and network infrastructure through our business support services.
  9. Utilize open source software to reduce costs.

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