The Kenga Enterprise version requires developing custom functionality beyond the generic functionalities provided by the Kenga SaS. All functions provided in the Kenga SaS are available. Additional functionality could include the items listed below:

  • Additional Reports: The Enterprise version is fully customised to provide the organisation with all standard reports based on existing log frames and M&E frameworks. The reports are customised based on detailed requirements analysis as explained in the methodology section.
  • Dashboard modifications: The dashboards illustrated in section 3.2 can be modified based on client review / requests. This enables the enterprise version to meet the unique data configurations and reporting needs of the organisation.
  • Installation on Client Servers: The enterprise version can be installed on client supplied computers or OMNI-Tech cloud server account set up for the client. This address unique policies and concerns that organisations may have for software as a service platform.
  • Software Ownership / Licence: The Kenga software comes with a one-time software licence and support for a period of one year. The licence enables the client to use the software within the organisation for as long as want but cannot provide it to another organisation.
  • User Management: A super user – who will be the administrator, is assigned all access to system configurations and settings including form creation and data management. These settings would enable a user to create new forms and add them to the system as the need arises.

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