1. Download and Set-up

The E-Lunda app is downloaded from the Google Playstore by searching for “elunda”. You will be required to set-up the farm account (for new users) or to login if an account is already in place.


2. Visit Homepage

The homepage shows the core functions of the system. Each of the links leads to a set of features that provide full functionality


3. Animal information

Each animal has its information profile. This includes the bio data, vaccinations treatment and servicing.


4. Production Information

Production information is uploaded online daily. An upload can only be done when a user indicates that the record is complete and final. The green tick shows records that have been uploaded while the red exclamation mark shows incomplete records.


5. Production per animal:

Production information can be captured for each animal or at farm level. Only one record can be captured for a particular day.


6. Sales and consumption

Information is captured after a milk record has been entered. The system computes how much has been produced, consumed, sold, and the amount of revenue. It also ensures that the total consumption and sales do not exceed the quantity milked