Our monitoring and evaluation service provides a truly independent, external and non-biased assessment of a projects health in real time.

We have a particular focus on outcome based monitoring and assessing the value a project delivers as well as the typical assessments on activities, outputs and economic benefit. Our objective is to provide a true picture of the projects health to determine whether it is on track to deliver the expected outcomes and value.

This can be over the immediate, mid or long term and at local, national and international levels. Reviews are performed at regular intervals during the lifetime of a project to keep stakeholders and participants up to date and more importantly to act as an early warning system by highlighting any areas that need attention or to help realign effort/expenditure with the project success criteria.

Data Collection

Our general approach is designed to maximize synergies, reduce transaction costs, improve management practices and improve resource use through the use of Kenga. This is tailored to each projects specific requirements and stakeholder needs, we discuss the requirements at the outset and agree an action plan and schedule.

Typical projects include examining the projects performance starting with the project Relevance (purpose) and then moving into operational issues of Efficiency, Effectiveness and Sustainability and concluding with an analysis of Impact. Assessing these areas often provide a revealing insight into a projects health and its ability to deliver a valuable outcome for the beneficiary.