OMNI-Tech Ltd directors started software development as solo consultants working together in 2008 on a capstone mobile data collection tool called openXdata ( before registering as a company in 2011. We have over the years built a reputation of providing cutting-edge services to enable organisations manage their businesses efficiently. Our innovative, approach to organizational needs using affordable and sustainable ICT solutions and services have enabled communities, businesses, NGOs and Government agencies transform their business processes in a timely and cost-effective style. We have established a niche for creating exceptional work at all stages of our services and product development, delivering results that address crucial customer needs.

Our Vision

We exist to transform and simplify life through innovative ICT solutions

Our Mission

To empower our clients to achieve their business objectives through integrated use of sustainable ICT solutions.

Our Values

We apply our core values to all our work and we strive to uphold:

  1.  Professionalism and excellence in service delivery
  2.  Honesty, integrity and transparency in our dealings
  3.  Trust and respect with our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, staff, shareholders and the community
  4.  Commitment to timely, quality and explicit work to ensure customer satisfaction