What We Do

  • We Support organizations achieve efficiency and effectiveness by automating business processes using our proven and successful approach to Business Process Management.

  • We support organizations that want to be successful in today’s highly competitive world is to stop focusing exclusively on data and data management but to look step further and adopt a process-based approach that makes no distinction between work done by human or computer.

  • By aligning all aspects of organizations with the wants and needs of their clients, with OMNI your partner, you can accomplish flexibility, innovation, and integration with technology.

  • Tools: Camunda, Bizagi, Microsoft Flow, Power Apps

BPM Implementation Examples


  • Payment process

  • Liquidation process

  • Invoice process


  • Onboarding of partners under the CRAFT project

  • Reporting process for business partners


  • Workplan monitoring

  • Reporting by partner organizations


  • Workplan monitoring

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