The partnership phase is initiated during the development phase of the E-Lunda app. A partner organisation will be able to provide input on the app features within the bounds of what is being undertaken. In addition, it would commit to rolling out the app to a specified number of farmers (at least 500) for a period of 2 years. All farmers who will have been enrolled for this partner will be given vouchers that allow them to activate the account for two years. The minimum partnership amount for 500 farmers is therefore 50,000,000 Uganda Shillings.

As part of the partnership, OMNI-tech will provide training to groups of farmers, during workshops organised by the partner. OMNI-Tech will also provide a list of features that are being developed in order to get input. Test versions of the app will be provided to selected farmers suggested by the partner in order to obtain feedback. Transport and accommodation charges for any travel outside Kampala will be charged separately.

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