Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Our monitoring and evaluation service provides a truly independent, external and non-biased assessment of a projects health in real time.

We have a particular focus on outcome based monitoring and assessing the value a project delivers as well as the typical assessments on activities, outputs and economic benefit. Our objective is to provide a true picture of the projects health to determine whether it is on track to deliver the expected outcomes and value.

This can be over the immediate, mid or long term and at local, national and international levels. Reviews are performed at regular intervals during the lifetime of a project to keep stakeholders and participants up to date and more importantly to act as an early warning system by highlighting any areas that need attention or to help realign effort/expenditure with the project success criteria.


  • Planning

  • Design

  • Data Collection

  • Analysis

  • Interpretation

  • Reports


  • monitoring and evaluation systems
  • monitoring and evaluation systems
  • monitoring and evaluation systems

Our Approach

We provide quality and timely solutions that enable you improve your business. Through active research and insight, we strategize with our customers in devising cost efficient solutions and deliver them using the best possible technologies. Our objectives include:

1. Ensure clients’ business goals and objectives are considered at all stages of a project.
2. Identify and encourage best practices which are appropriate for a particular project.
3. Develop accurate and flexible models describing solutions to identified problems.
4. Develop software products using the best contemporary technologies available.
5. Leverage the power of opensource in providing solutions and contribute actively to opensource communities.
6. Support our clients in the utilization of our products so as to achieve the intended purpose.
7. Train and develop the skills of our staff in order to provide quality products.






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