Website Development

A strong online presence is an effective medium of displaying your product and services among your target audience.

Omnitech delivers creative and professional website development, design and maintenance services to individuals, small businesses as well as large organizations in Uganda and outside. Whether you need a basic 5-page website, an e-commerce solution or a database-driven dynamic web application, we have the required expertise & experience to deliver.

We understand that today websites have become one of the most important marketing & sales tool and that’s why we take care of all aspects of web design for our clients including graphics, programming, photography, and flash animations. Be sure that we will take care of everything related to your website services including website design, re-design or upgrade through our professional website maintenance and active management service using the latest Content management systems based on the latest technologies and industry trends.

We design database driven and/or interactive websites depending on the client requirement and not just how it looks but how it works and after web design training giving you the power to manage and update your website regularly. Our Approach We always aim to develop a website basing on the client’s requirement, one that satisfies their needs. To achieve such professional work, we follow these steps to ensure you have a precise end-product.


  • Liaise with the contact person at the client side to agree on the content delivery schedule.

  • Develop a coherent content generation plan to be used by the content generators.

  • Prepare an FTP repository and a mail account were content will be constantly deposited by the contact person for update.

  • Continually improve the visibility of the portal by increasing Meta data richness.

  • Continually improve the skin, preferably on a monthly basis or bi-monthly.

  • Planning, discussion and gaining approval

  • Website deployment

  • Website maintenance | Internet Marketing service

  • Monitoring & Evaluation


  • Website Development
  • website development
  • website development

Our Approach

We provide quality and timely solutions that enable you improve your business. Through active research and insight, we strategize with our customers in devising cost efficient solutions and deliver them using the best possible technologies. Our objectives include:

  • Ensure clients’ business goals and objectives are considered at all stages of a project

  • Identify and encourage best practices which are appropriate for a particular project

  • Develop accurate and flexible models describing solutions to identified problems

  • Develop software products using the best contemporary technologies available

  • Leverage the power of opensource in providing solutions and contribute actively to opensource communities

  • Support our clients in the utilization of our products so as to achieve the intended purpose.

  • Train and develop the skills of our staff in order to provide quality products






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